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RT on console will be great. I'm very focused on the work we are doing around Dynamic Latency Input (DLI). In my view the feel of games this upcoming generation will change as dramatically as any since 2D to 3D given CPU upgrade, DLI, memory bandwidth and SSD.

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 ってXbox事業責任者のPhil Spencer氏が言ってたんですよね。

 でその後Inside Xboxが袋だたきにされてUE5のPS5実機デモが話題になり、SIEのJim Ryan社長兼CEOが“次世代機では次世代機ならではの体験が必要”発言が報じられた結果。

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So I tend to stay out of console debates, but heck, I'm not on the team. That is a false choice.

At no point in our journey towards compatibility did the concept of limited future development intrude on the ability of a developer to take advantage of the latest tech. 1/x

In fact, the blockers on compat are more biz/legal. Yes, some custom work was sometimes an issue, but there were work-arounds.

Now you could engineer a problem into the system, but that was going to hold you back regardless 2/x

This is just not how the real world works. Developers have been writing code that can handle improvements in CPU and GPU since forever. It is sort of rhe hallmark of the way software should get written.


Maybe 1st party weirdness, but most titles are already written for multilateral anyway, including PC.

Consoles are the only systems that still try to push this narrative today.

Its just Marketing/Positioning and largely a red herring 4/4

 MSでMRや後方互換を担当するBill Stilwell氏が言うには…大雑把には


Ghost of Tsushima (ゴースト オブ ツシマ) 【早期購入特典】デジタル ミニサウンドトラック ・「仁」ダイナミックテーマ ・「仁」アバター(封入) 【CEROレーティング「Z」】
・PS4 7/17 Ghost of Tsushima (ゴースト オブ ツシマ) 【早期購入特典】デジタル ミニサウンドトラック ・「仁」ダイナミックテーマ ・「仁」アバター(封入) 【CEROレーティング「Z」】